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Creativity Is Your Money Maker: How An Asset Management Solution Supports It

Now is the time to celebrate creativity and support the process. For marketers, it’s a chance to reflect on your team’s workflow and see if it’s helping – or hurting – their creativity. Giving creative teams the space they need can lead to fresh ideas, more inspired campaigns, and better sales results. Yet too many … Read more

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3 Hidden Costs of Marketing Asset Chaos

Asset chaos – it’s when marketing and sales professionals don’t know which files exist, where to find them, or how to use them in an approved way. With a Workfront survey reporting that 80% of marketing professionals feel “understaffed and overloaded,” asset management will likely remain a problem for many organizations. Here are the top … Read more

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4 Asset Management Solution Features That Provide Big Value to Busy Marketers

According to HubSpot, the average marketer spends almost a third of their time completing repetitive tasks. As a marketing leader, is that where you want to be devoting your time? Of course not. We’ve rounded up four ways a marketing asset management platform can help you avoid these time-consuming tasks and achieve your objectives in … Read more

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Your Guide to the Most Underestimated Customer Engagement Play: Gifting

When you think about delivering great customer experiences, two things come to mind: increased revenue for your business and increased loyalty from your customers. Gifting offers a unique and unexpected way to achieve both in one fell swoop. Win in the $125B corporate gifting market In spite of the pandemic, Forbes reports that corporations’ investments … Read more

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Brand’s Best Friend: A Marketing Asset Management Platform

You know you need to deliver a positive, memorable experience to your prospects if you want to achieve success as a brand. And you probably also know that it’s difficult to achieve this goal without consistency at every touchpoint. After you’ve gone through the exercise of creating a new brand, you’ll need to reinforce it. … Read more

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The Top Apps That Marketing Teams Love Using with Ontrack

Easy. It’s a core pillar of the way we do business here at Ontrack. We believe that our marketing asset management solutions should make marketers’ lives and work easier. Yes, we optimize the managing, customization, distributing, and reporting you need from your marketing asset management solution – and we do it well after many years … Read more

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3 Ways to Bring The Human Touch To Virtual Trade Shows

More than ever, we’re adapting to a world that’s a lot more dependent on virtual experiences and to some extent, it’s probably going to stay that way. What does that mean for all those trade shows you’ve been counting on to connect with prospective customers? Well, fortunately, those aren’t going away completely. Because while we’ll … Read more

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Campaign Enhancements

Connecting with customers is the root of your business, however repeating the same campaign over and over will eventually stop moving the needle for your team and become ineffective. Marketing leaders need new and innovative strategies to increase engagement and ultimately close more deals.  The Ontrack platform now includes new product offerings that will bolster … Read more

4 ways to power your marketing

4 Ways to Power Your Marketing Efforts with Your Canceled Trade Show Budget

In-person trade shows have historically been a peak season for networking opportunities and prospecting. COVID-19 changed that in 2020 and 2021 trade shows are already being canceled or rescheduled. While a lost opportunity for most, you now have the time, focus, and budget to pivot your approach and fill the gaps in your pipeline. Here’s … Read more

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Ontrack Workflow is Ranked One of the Top Georgia-based Asset Management Companies

Daily Finance recently released an article highlighting Top Georgia-based Asset Management companies. Ontrack Workflow is honored to be listed where many high-performing businesses are recognized. All companies listed have noteworthy performance in one of these four categories: Innovation Growth Management Societal impact Innovation criteria includes a company’s ideas, go-to-market path, and products. Exceptional growth or … Read more

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Integration Updates – 2021-02-25

Integration capabilities can make or break an asset management tool. From uploads to security verification, integrations can make an asset management tool like Ontrack more robust with just a few clicks. We’ve updated a handful of our integration features, available to users now. These updates improved our existing system integrations as well as added new … Read more

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