Creativity Is Your Money Maker: How An Asset Management Solution Supports It

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Now is the time to celebrate creativity and support the process. For marketers, it’s a chance to reflect on your team’s workflow and see if it’s helping – or hurting – their creativity.

Giving creative teams the space they need can lead to fresh ideas, more inspired campaigns, and better sales results. Yet too many creatives get bogged down in endless change requests and switching between too many tasks to think outside the box. 

A marketing asset management solution can help. By keeping things organized and minimizing repetitive or redundant tasks, the right platform can free up your team to do their best thinking.

How could a marketing asset management solution improve your own team’s creativity? We can think of a few ways.

It Supports Creative Agility

The average team is managing two to five projects at a time. Many project managers believe juggling fewer projects at once could help them perform better. Considering that, think about how a marketing asset management solution could help cut down on your team’s multitasking.

Ontrack houses all different types of creative assets ranging from digital display ads to flyers to billboards. The platform also empowers users outside the marketing team to handle routine updates themselves, so your creative teams aren’t overwhelmed with small requests and making multiple revisions. That means your creative team can focus on the task at hand more effectively and deliver assets faster. That gives them more time to create and ideate.

Also important is a solution’s ability to allow hybrid and distributed teams to get seamless access to the creative and marketing assets they need. Because there’s so much more data and content being produced now, this is a critical feature for many teams, especially since as many as 39% of American workers working remotely now plan to do so after the pandemic wanes.

It Creates Brand Consistency

A marketing asset management solution provides users with an approved bank of assets, so only the most up-to-date materials are downloaded and distributed. That minimizes mistakes and ensures everything that goes out the door is on-brand.

Another layer of support comes from the solution’s ability to manage permissions. Only the right people ever have access to these assets, giving creative teams complete control over their final product. For most creative teams, this simply makes the process less worrisome – so they can focus their energy on their next big idea.

It Improves Efficiency

Creative teams still need to be productive and efficient, especially in high-volume creative environments. A marketing asset management solution enhances that ability.

Ontrack also enables efficiency through features like a DAM system. Designers can quickly grab the right logo or the right B-roll for their next project, ensuring the best possible result in the shortest time.

When it’s time to go to print, a marketing asset solution can simplify approvals, ordering, and distribution with multiple vendors through the platform. Minimizing time spent on administrative tasks frees your team for more conceptual work. 

If inefficiencies and stress are holding your team back, it may be time for a marketing asset management platform. These tools enable a solid ROI while also supporting satisfied, happy creative professionals. That means better results for any project. Reach out to Ontrack at [email protected] to learn how you can incorporate a marketing asset management platform into your creative workflow.

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