Send with Ontrack

Send what you want without the hassle of picking, packing, and shipping yourself – all through Ontrack’s Automated Direct Mail and Gifting platform.


Why send? Below are just a few reasons:

Sales – Keep deals moving and break through all the digital noise with a physical item that makes a lasting impression and won’t get lost in your inbox.

Employee Communication – Automatically send stuff to employees based on triggered events such as first day, work anniversaries, etc.

Customer Loyalty – Improve customer retention by sending gifts for a holiday, occasional handwritten postcards just to say “hi”, or a gift for a milestone date.

Endless Swag Options

Use your own or buy through our partners. We provide a huge selection of swag from which to choose and can provide tailored recommendations.

Gift Cards

Send coffee gift cards, lunch cards or any sort of gift card and attach it to a postcard or include in a kit.

Pre-bundled or DIY Kits

Send pre-bundled kits or have your users choose select items to go in a kit for a DIY kit.

Handwritten Notes

We have handwriting robots that make it easy or use standard block text.

Warehousing & Fulfillment

We can store, pick, pack and ship for you at our 50,000 square foot facility.

Budgeting & Multi-level Approvals

Set budgets by team, group or individual and set up approval requirements.

Address Confirmation

With people working remotely, you can qualify recipients’ preferred address before sending.


Ontrack is currently integrated with Salesforce and can be integrated with any platform with an API.

Triggered Events

Trigger a send after a deal is closed, a new employee starts, a client anniversary, or other actions or milestones.

Drip Campaigns

Create multi-touch campaigns and set your cadence.


Track users, orders, items, sends, and other metrics.

Marketing Support

Leverage our team of marketers and designers to help you create effective campaigns.

Limitless Possibilities!


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