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Ontrack Portal

Ontrack Workflow offers a flexible online portal capable of meeting your organization’s growth and demand for marketing and sales assets. It’s a 24/7 resource working for you. It can be custom branded for one or multiple brands depending on your organization’s structure. Your team will appreciate the friendly interface and ease of use. Your organization will save hours of time and resources, and in most cases, the ROI is almost immediate. 

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Workflow Management

Ontrack Workflow gives you access to a number of tools. Set order approvals with a multi-level approval process and control asset costs by individual and/or region. Establishing individual, departmental and regional budgets, in addition to various order, e-commerce and product workflows are all done easily through the Ontrack system. 

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Brand Control

Brand compliance is easily achieved through Ontrack Workflow. Control, manage and provide access to approved libraries of logos and creative content while you give users the flexibility to customize fonts, text, colors, color schemes, images, and sizes. A comprehensive solution that is easy to use, it virtually eliminates any room for error and reels in those “rogue marketers.”  

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Localize & Personalize

With Ontrack Workflow you can personalize or localize content, marketing collateral, advertising, training manuals, trade show materials, product guides, presentations, proposals and more. You can make it easily accessible to end-users anywhere, anytime using Ontrack.

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Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is an important feature to understand usage, cost and inventory levels. Ontrack offers standard reporting that can be easily obtained. Reporting needs can also be unique to each client, so with Ontrack we can generate custom reports upon request. These reports can be easily viewed within the Ontrack resource portal. Administrators can also allow specific reports or information by the user.

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Data Merge & Variable Data

It’s not just for mailing anymore. Presentations, proposals, and personalized target mailers have never been so easy and accessible to end-users. Simply obtain the desired database from one or multiple data sources. Then images, text, and layout can be associated with specific fields to create professional looking pieces while maintaining your brand standards.

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Ontrack currently features integrations with Salesforce, MailChimp, and EFI pace. In addition, Ontrack can easily integrate with any system on the market that has an API. These include CRM, Accounting Solutions, Marketing Automation, Point of Sale Systems, Print Management, and others.


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