Resource Portal

The foundation of the OnTrack system is a flexible online portal for everyone in your organization to use. Your users will appreciate the friendly interface and ease of ordering their printed and non-printed assets.  They will save hours of time in handling orders and dealing with vendors. The resource portal is also how standardized document and form requests are conveniently processed between administrator and end users. Chaos becomes control while you bring more money to the bottom line.

Administrative Tools

The Ontrack workflow system gives you access to a number of tools. Set order approvals and control asset costs by individual and/or region. Establishing individual and regional budgets, in addition to various order and product workflows is all done easily through the Ontrack system.

Brand Control

This popular module allows you to manage and provide access to approved libraries of logos, creative content and gives end-users the flexibility to customize fonts, text, colors, color schemes, images and sizes. A comprehensive solution that is easy to use, it virtually eliminates any room for error and reels in those vigilante marketers.

Localize & Personalize

Localize any internal or external content with appropriate addresses for regional offices, locations or stores. Images, text and layout can be associated with specific fields to create professional looking pieces while maintaining your corporate standards. Guided content update features allow users to individualize contact information for sales or customer service. Personalize any content, marketing collateral, training manuals, trade-show material, product guides, presentations and proposals while making it easily accessible to end users anywhere, anytime.

Data Merge & Variable Data

Ontrack easily supports one-to-one everyday marketing. Leverage large data merge mailings to produce personalized content to satisfy any department’s program needs or allow your staff to target one or two key contacts with unique customized material. Personalized target mailers, presentations and proposals have never been so easy and accessible to end users. Simply obtain a desired database from one or multiple data sources. Then images, text and layout can be associated with specific fields to create professional looking pieces while maintaining your corporate standards. Internal documents like training manuals and materials for meetings can also benefit from this tool.


Ontrack takes the inconvenience out of ordering and fulfilling assets from multiple vendors. Our Vendorlink™ module offers single-site/multi-vendor ordering for your network. Users can order collateral and supplies in one centralized web portal, and Ontrack will distribute the orders to the vendors you have designated. Optional features include administrator approval, vendor dashboard, and order tracking updates for users.

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting is an important feature to understand usage, cost and inventory levels. Ontrack offers standard reporting that can be easily obtained. Reporting needs can also be unique to each client, so with Ontrack we can generate custom reports upon request. These reports can be easily viewed within the Ontrack resource portal. Administrators can also allow specific reports or information by user.