How Your Competition Is Getting Ahead With a Marketing Asset Management Platform

The Olympics aren’t the only competition heating up this summer. As a marketer in a fast-growing industry, you’re well aware just how essential – and difficult – it can be to get an edge against your competitors.

Time is money, and spending time managing all your marketing assets alone can be overwhelming. What’s more, your competition may already be ahead of the game with an asset management platform, saving them the time and resources to focus on growing their businesses.

Here are three ways your competition may be gaining an edge with a marketing asset management platform like Ontrack.

1. Saving time on small, repetitive tasks

Digging around for old or mislabeled assets. Attaching or downloading bulky files that slow down your computer. These are just a few of the many time wasters marketers have to deal with on any given day. If your team is constantly bogged down with small changes, email requests, and approvals, they don’t have time to focus on what they do best: Creating unique, influential content.

One centralized location for files

The average worker says they switch between 10 apps up to 25 times per day, according to project management platform Asana, causing communication breakdowns and reducing productivity. With a marketing asset management platform, you have a centralized place where you can access, update, or replace assets. This makes it easy to reuse your assets, saving you and your team valuable time (and money!). You’ll also be able to search less and do more: Ontrack’s search functionality helps you locate files much faster. And no more wasting time waiting for a file to attach to an email and then sending to your team or locations: Ontrack makes it possible to share access to these assets via a portal.

Cut down on excess content

Imagine taking the time to create a piece of content, only to find out that it already exists – you just didn’t know about it. Teams report spending 13% of their time on work that’s already been completed. That’s frustrating for marketers and hurts the team’s efficiency. Ontrack’s platform makes it easy to quickly search for materials that can be recycled, saving you time on repetitive tasks. This gives you and your team the space you need to develop new ideas and focus on securing prospects. You’re also able to upload all approved assets to the Ontrack portal, so you’ll never have to waste time creating an asset that already exists or worry about a team member using the wrong asset.

2. Keeping access issues to a minimum

As your team (and competition) continues to grow, so will your content library, making it even more essential to control who is getting access to your content. Not only do marketing asset management platforms help control who can see certain assets, they also allow you to set user permissions. Ontrack’s user permissions controlwhich content users can access, how much interaction a user can have with a specific piece of content, and what functionality a user has within your system.

With Ontrack, you can customize access for all users to help enforce your brand standards. For example, you can allow other users to update the price and date on a digital asset, while locking down features like brand colors, imagery, and logos. These user-level permissions eliminate the headache of having to approve every change request, while giving you confidence that all your materials are on-brand.

3. Ensuring strong customer relationships

Customer relationships are everything, and maintaining long-term, loyal customer relationships boosts your brand, drives more revenue, and saves you time scouting new prospects. The probability of selling to an existing customer is up to 14 times higher than the probability of selling to a new customer.

Never let a customer slip through the cracks with Ontrack’s sending platform, which allows you to sort prospects and customers and organize who will receive what gift or sales materials. You can choose, customize and send gifts and collateral all within Ontrack’s workflow, and then track gifting strategies over time. The best part? Ontrack provides shipping tracking so you know when the customer or prospect has received their item giving you insight on when to follow up with them in a timely manner.

Want to learn how to save time and get ahead of the competition?

While the Olympics only lasts a few weeks, your business competition will be an ongoing challenge for your team and company. Reach out to Ontrack at [email protected] to learn how you can save time, get ahead, and stand out from the crowd.

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