3 Reasons Why Your SaaS Business Needs Distributed Marketing and Gifting Solutions

If you’re a marketing professional at a SaaS company, you’re familiar with the unique challenges your business faces, from numerous funnel stages to a long sales cycle.

Accessibility and adaptability is crucial to your business, especially as you look to scale: A recent survey found that 85% of marketing professionals were under pressure to create more assets than ever before. A majority were creating 10 times the number of assets to support their growing business.

A distributed marketing platform like Ontrack boosts your marketing agility, streamlining the management of all your digital assets and automating many of your marketing processes. This gives you more time to focus on what’s important: Your customers.

Here are three key reasons why a marketing asset management and sending platform is crucial for both your team and your business.

Ontrack is the key to your brand success

1. Build long-term customer relationships

SaaS companies value quality leads over quantity, and SaaSmarketing requires nurturing and educating potential customers from the top of the funnel all the way through closing.

As you’re putting a lot of time and effort into cultivating new customers, you’ll want to ensure all marketing assets are accurate and consistent — and the sheer amount of assets needed can quickly turn into chaos without the proper organization. Ontrack stores all your marketing assets in one place, via a simple-to-use platform.

Ontrack also helps you work smarter, reducing time spent hunting around for the right asset or (even worse) duplicating an existing asset. The platform can serve as a source of truth for your marketing team, saving you time on repetitive tasks. This gives you and your team the time and space you need to develop new ideas and focus on securing prospects.

2. Ensure consistent branding

Brand consistency is everything, and in a crowded market, it can be what makes your company stand out. But when unauthorized changes are made to your logos or other brand elements, it can make it difficult for people to find the right content, cause confusion, and even negatively affect your team’s carefully-crafted brand.Ontrack keeps all your up-to-date branded assets in one place, serving as a single access point where marketing professionals can go find the current version of any asset.

Ontrack’s templating capabilities also make it possible to create and set standardized assets that can’t be changed without permission, helping to enforce that essential brand consistency. Ontrack also makes it possible to customize access: Users may be allowed to change certain features, like dates, times and location, but won’t be able to change branded features like colors.

3. Stand out and stay top of mind

Customer relationships are essential to SaaS marketing, and one of the best ways to build strong, lasting customer relationships (and stand out from the competition) is through gifting and regular communication. Ontrack combines the ability to create personalized, branded physical gifts with the ease of digital implementation, increasing your chances of closing deals and building long-lasting customer relationships.

Ontrack also allows you to organize your digital library by asset type, making it possible to connect with your customers faster than ever before. So, if you need to quickly communicate with the client, you can know for sure the asset — including emails, newsletters, one-sheeters, and brochures — is appropriate, accurate and up to date. You’ll also get the incredible flexibility and ability to integrate with other systems, including Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp and more.

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