Brand’s Best Friend: A Marketing Asset Management Platform

You know you need to deliver a positive, memorable experience to your prospects if you want to achieve success as a brand. And you probably also know that it’s difficult to achieve this goal without consistency at every touchpoint. After you’ve gone through the exercise of creating a new brand, you’ll need to reinforce it.

The challenge is staying on top of it all: current logos, consistent colors and fonts, ensuring the most up-to-date marketing materials reach every customer in the market… In addition, you’ll need to keep up with the rogue field agents, fast-moving salespeople, or wannabe marketers from your company who inevitably will want to do things their own way.

Ontrack can help. Our asset management solution is a flexible online portal that allows you to meet your organization’s growth and demand for marketing and sales assets. It’s one central repository to store, manage, distribute, track, and provide access to all marketing and sales content.

Organizations use Ontrack to automate the operations behind their marketing assets, while gaining valuable insights and greater visibility into usage by asset, user, department or region. Additionally, you can:

1) Boost your team’s brand compliance

Achieve brand compliance through the Ontrack platform and eliminate any room for error. You determine what’s visible and to whom with tags and filters, while steering which assets they use.

This means that you confidently control who gets access to specific assets – as well as who doesn’t.

  • Consistently deliver on-brand marketing by giving a select group of users access to the same, approved bank of assets.
  • Ensure that only the latest, approved version of an asset is available and visible to the team for use, creating approved libraries of logos and creative content.
  • Confirm that only the most current materials get downloaded and distributed to the field.

2) Offload small, recurrent tasks

Monitoring and approvals take up a good chunk of your valuable time. Based on rules you set in the Ontrack platform, you can avoid the need for 24/7 monitoring by automatically granting the right users permission to customize sizes or additional text, or to personalize and localize content, marketing collateral, advertising, proposals, and more.

Get dedicated time back for the bigger marketing initiatives demanding your attention

Using the permissions filter, empower end users to access Ontrack themselves anywhere, anytime – within the parameters you’ve set.

3) Put an even better brand face forward

Track which of your marketing assets is getting the most use, or which ones might need to be retired from rotation, in the robust reporting and analytics function. Understand how to better meet customers’ and sales teams’ needs by using Ontrack to determine success rates, as well as optimize, plan, and budget for the future. Track sales and cost all the way down to the local level.

Everything about Ontrack is designed to be easy and intuitive, so you can focus on telling and delivering a consistent brand story and your company can thrive.

To receive a personalized demo of Ontrack and start presenting a strong, consistent brand, talk to us today at (888) 833-5907 or email [email protected].

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