Your Guide to the Most Underestimated Customer Engagement Play: Gifting

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When you think about delivering great customer experiences, two things come to mind: increased revenue for your business and increased loyalty from your customers. Gifting offers a unique and unexpected way to achieve both in one fell swoop.

Win in the $125B corporate gifting market

In spite of the pandemic, Forbes reports that corporations’ investments in an exploding gifting market are growing – likely because it allows businesses to engage more deeply with consumers at a time when people are craving connection the most.

In fact, gifting does much more for your business than meets the eye: It’s a differentiated and on-brand way to keep deals moving, improve customer satisfaction, and even add a personal touch when recognizing milestones. However, for gifting to be most effective, marketers must do it at scale. This adds time, effort, and human error into the equation when done manually. As with most things, manual gifting processes won’t yield maximized revenue. To see gifting’s true benefits, you must automate.

First, understand why manual gifting isn’t working

Gifting is a great revenue multiplier: Forbes reports that 80% of the C-suite appreciate corporate gifting’s measurable effects on ROI, as well as its ability to deepen connections with prospects. However, when undertaken by an individual employee, the time-consuming task of gifting can actually result in negative ROI.

Consider the steps one must take to manage the gifting process manually:

  1. Select a gift or gift card
  2. Get Finance’s approval; purchase; and log
  3. Sift through database for relevant info (anniversaries you want to celebrate or customers to thank for referrals)
  4. Confirm which recipients should receive a gift; draft a note; and mail
  5. Collect and log returned items
  6. Track receipt; bad addresses; responses; and leads ready for sales

Why waste all this time and effort? Instead, optimize your efforts and track your results with an automated gifting and sending platform like Ontrack.

See why Ontrack is the gift that keeps on giving

Increase customer and sender satisfaction by connecting Ontrack’s automated sending platform seamlessly with your internal systems to select from tailored recommendations for swag and kits; set budgets by team or individual; qualify recipient addresses; pick, pack, and ship; create and report on drip campaigns, and more.

Remove administrative tasks from marketers’ plates: Time saved, processes simplified, orders fulfilled, worries relieved—and customers delighted. It couldn’t be easier.

Increase sales with a breakthrough engagement strategy: You can keep deals moving and break through all the digital noise with a physical item that makes a lasting impression and won’t get lost in customers’ inboxes.

Create personal touchpoints to nurture customer loyalty: Improve customer retention by sending gifts for holidays, to say “thank you” for referrals, as campaign-related swag or to recognize and celebrate a milestone.

Enhance employee work product: Want better outputs from your teams? It pays to nurture these relationships, as well. Automatically send personal gifts to employees based on triggered events such as their first day of work, birthdays, work anniversaries, and more. You can even send gifts in recognition of standout accomplishments.

If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of the Ontrack sending platform today, email us at [email protected] or talk to us at (888) 833-5907.

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