4 Asset Management Solution Features That Provide Big Value to Busy Marketers

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According to HubSpot, the average marketer spends almost a third of their time completing repetitive tasks.

As a marketing leader, is that where you want to be devoting your time? Of course not.

We’ve rounded up four ways a marketing asset management platform can help you avoid these time-consuming tasks and achieve your objectives in less time.

1. A single command center

The average employee switches between tools over 1,100 times a day. So that’s where all your time went! You can minimize the chaos with one centralized hub to keep all assets, brand materials, franchises, approvals, and would-be rogue users under control.

One effective way to do that is by leveraging a marketing asset management platform with a sending platform, like Ontrack. Together, these systems create a complete solution that brings you efficiencies, helps solve major day-to-day marketing challenges, and allows you to track your successes with a solid ROI.

Marketing asset management platforms are designed to help minimize time spent on administrative tasks and improve consistency at scale for brands. With one touch, you can change one asset and give 1,000 people access, or make a single change and have it update in multiple locations on a single asset. Even better, you can use the same user-friendly platform to control access to certain assets, versions, or functions, keeping rogue changes at bay.

Ontrack lets you organize intuitively by campaign, type, region, or other defining characteristic. Easily find what you need, ensure what goes to market is always the latest and greatest, and focus on putting your brand’s best face forward in the field.

2. Quicker approvals for small or repetitive tasks

Want to get ahead of your competitors without assuming more responsibility? Organized marketers are 397% more likely to achieve their goals. Forget about keeping up with constant demand on small tasks or managing the onslaught of manual change requests all day – Ontrack enables you to move work through approvals faster, so that you can focus on bottom line-boosting work that generates real value for your organization.

For example, Ontrack can speed up workflows across national franchises. Rather than needing to make changes to every menu for every holiday or event, the marketing team sets simple parameters in the system once and can feel confident that – from Richmond to Omaha – any materials will uphold the brand standards.

Similarly, sales managers from different organizations use Ontrack to request changes to materials all day, every day. With Ontrack’s automated workflows, the sales department can update everything from a business card to a three-page document based on settings that marketing has already approved in the system. Then, Ontrack will automatically route the work to the next stop without involving marketing at all. No hassling the marketing team for the small stuff; no emails back and forth for approvals to the sales manager or the VP.

Ontrack controls the entire brand and its workflows for you, instead of allowing everything to happen piecemeal. This eliminates countless hours and keeps noncompliant branded materials from going out in the market.

3. Built-in tracking and reporting

Maybe this sounds like you: 60% of marketing professionals say they feel pressure to show ROI. That’s why Ontrack has a robust reporting and tracking function that you can use to see holistic usage of assets over time. You can also drill down to view power users over the last month, who’s ordered the most items, and who’s marketing the most to customers.

Get even more out of Ontrack’s reporting by tying it to your CRM or business applications, like HubSpot, Salesforce, or Tableau. You can access the data to see how many assets were created, which were used, and which ones were sent to a prospect before closing the deal.

Then you can retire assets that aren’t working and stop creating or refining ones that don’t deliver. And you can connect higher sales directly back to the marketing assets or campaigns you’ve produced.

4. Customer engagement at scale

Over the past few years, Forbes reports that corporate investments in the $125 billion gifting market are growing. A sending platform gives marketers a differentiated and on-brand way to send gifts to keep deals moving, improve customer satisfaction, and even add a personal touch when recognizing customer milestones – especially while in-person meetings are still on hold. However, for gifting to show the biggest ROI, you must automate.

With a sending platform, marketers can create or approve preselected kits in the platform for sales to send to prospects. All the steps that used to take hours for marketers to do manually are automated by the platform – picking, packing, shipping, and more.

If you use our Salesforce integration, Ontrack will even ping you (or whoever you’ve identified as a point person in the system) to follow up with the prospect once they’ve received their items. This is how one Ontrack user who spent years trying to close a deal on her own finally broke through in a matter of weeks.

As you can see, a marketing asset management platform and sending platform can bring unexpected benefits to your business, including improved ROI, extra time in your day, greater control over your brand, and stronger sales results.

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