3 Hidden Costs of Marketing Asset Chaos

is chaos costing you money?

Asset chaos – it’s when marketing and sales professionals don’t know which files exist, where to find them, or how to use them in an approved way. With a Workfront survey reporting that 80% of marketing professionals feel “understaffed and overloaded,” asset management will likely remain a problem for many organizations.

Here are the top three risks your business could face from asset chaos:

1. Outdated assets could cost your company

Have you ever frantically searched for a marketing asset, joyously found what you thought was the right file, and then discovered after going to print that the file was several years old? In addition to sharing potentially incorrect information, outdated marketing assets could expose your business to legal issues.

With a marketing asset management system, you have one access point where you can locate, update, or replace assets. You can centralize all your relevant assets with Ontrack.

2. Duplicate work could delay sales closings

How many times have you asked your creative team to develop a new one-sheeter or talk track only to realize later that the asset already existed? With factors such as employee turnover and marketers working in silos, it’s hard to know what’s already been accomplished.

The solution is to upload all approved assets to a marketing asset management system. With Ontrack’s portal, you’ll have handy access to what you need so that you can keep sales relationships warm. Sales reps who use Ontrack have seen close rates up to 48% higher than reps who don’t.

3. Inaccurate assets could damage your business’s reputation

Ever had the gut-wrenching feeling of spotting a typo in your printed trade show banner? With the average employee switching between tools 1,100 times a day and the average marketer spending a third of their time on repetitive tasks, it’s no surprise when quality control suffers.

When an organization’s work is seen as sloppy, it can affect its reputation, especially in industries where trust is paramount. For example, family members may not trust a senior living community with typos in its brochure to care for their elderly loved one.

It’s hard to quantify the cost of a damaged reputation because it could affect sales for days or years. By serving as a single source of truth for all marketing and sales professionals in your organization, Ontrack helps you avoid inconsistencies and inaccuracies. Ontrack also helps protect your reputation by saving you time on repetitive tasks, so that you can prioritize fact-checking and proofreading.

Ontrack gives you more time to do what you do best

As a busy marketing or sales professional, you shouldn’t have to waste time duplicating work, or fielding multiple revisions to existing assets. And you shouldn’t have to risk the embarrassment of rushing error-ridden assets out the door. You have more important things to work on, such as creating new marketing programs if you’re a marketer, or simply selling if you’re in sales.

Ontrack promises a better way. Take the next step, and request a personalized demo online or contact us at [email protected] or 888-833-5907.

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