The Top Apps That Marketing Teams Love Using with Ontrack


It’s a core pillar of the way we do business here at Ontrack. We believe that our marketing asset management solutions should make marketers’ lives and work easier.

Yes, we optimize the managing, customization, distributing, and reporting you need from your marketing asset management solution – and we do it well after many years in this business. Since your biggest hurdle is creatively engaging and reaching the right prospects and customers at the right time and doing it at scale, Ontrack also seamlessly integrates with your favorite marketing apps, tools, and platforms.

Your sales and marketing teams should be able to do more work better by plugging into the solutions you love. This powerful connection between Ontrack and your favorite apps allows your hybrid teams to stay creative, collaborative, and productive.

Our customers boost the efficiency of their marketing efforts using these integrations:


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is such an essential part of your marketing operations, and you can use Ontrack to optimize your CRM.

Pull the right imagery, logos, customer swag, and kits into Salesforce so that Salesforce can do what it does best: send the most compelling message to the right prospect at the right time.

By using Ontrack with Salesforce, you can send physical gifts, kits, and marketing materials to customers and prospects to break through and close more deals.


This integration is a match made in marketer heaven. Streamline your email marketing, save time, save money, and delete silos with Ontrack and MailChimp.

Together, we make it effortless to control and distribute email campaigns for your separate departments and locations. Give users the ability to customize HTML email, stay on-brand, and send email campaigns to lists only you allow them to access.

With an Ontrack-MailChimp integration, you can both keep rogue marketers at bay and focus on getting your newsletter out on-time without needing to rely on a centralized email team.

Tell us your team’s favorite marketing app.

We’re always in search of the next hybrid collaboration tool to integrate with our platform to help you create better customer relationships, marketing materials, and campaigns. If there’s an integration you’d like to see us include on our roadmap, please let us know at (888) 833-5907 or email [email protected].

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