4 Ways to Power Your Marketing Efforts with Your Canceled Trade Show Budget

In-person trade shows have historically been a peak season for networking opportunities and prospecting. COVID-19 changed that in 2020 and 2021 trade shows are already being canceled or rescheduled. While a lost opportunity for most, you now have the time, focus, and budget to pivot your approach and fill the gaps in your pipeline. Here’s how you can reallocate your trade show budget for more strategic and profitable marketing efforts.

4 ways to power your marketing
  • Invest in Asset Management Systems
    Plan, create, manage, track, report, and distribute marketing or sales assets seamlessly.

  • Track What’s Effective
    Reporting made easy – create customized reports or track sales and expenses to calculate ROI.

  • Drive Deeper Customer Relationships
    Add custom gifts, hyper-personalized assets, and more to create meaningful connections without the “face-to-face” contact.

  • Streamline Distribution
    Manage every step an asset moves through from creation to distribution.

Don’t let the lack of trade shows negatively impact your business. Substitute in-person networking with personalized gifting, more robust reporting capabilities, and countless marketing strategies with an asset management tool like Ontrack Workflow.

For a full guide on recycling your trade show budget, download our whitepaper 4 Ways to Power Your Marketing Efforts with Your Canceled Trade Show Budget below.

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