How PayneWest Insurance Saved 9,600 Man Hours Using Ontrack Workflow

The Need

PayneWest Insurance needed an asset management tool that could be easily governed and locked down. Each insurance department required custom-curated assets, specific to that department’s policy offerings and options, as well as restrictions on what could and could not be edited.

Their previous tool granted 35 user accounts, which created communication and scheduling obstacles. Having 35 humans place and fulfill orders for close to 800 people strained their bandwidth, slowed their sales cycle, and ended up being a key factor when PayneWest decided to make a change.

PayneWest began searching for a tool that would eliminate user bottlenecks, provide localized asset options, and, above all else, work with them when they discovered additional needs.

The Challenge

The PayneWest sales teams and account managers faced many internal bottlenecks when requesting personalized content. This put immense pressure on the 35 users that did have access, as well as the client-facing members delivering the content.

Every client or prospect had different needs, so providing content that was current, relevant and on-brand was a necessity. It was imperative that each end user have the ability to easily access and personalize their specific department’s assets to maintain brand consistency.


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“I always struggled to find a program that fits my special needs. Ontrack took those needs and built/programmed what I needed within their system, i.e. the user profiles and how they work with the documents. They took my vision and ‘programmed’ it to life.”

– Belinda Kaufman, Senior Marketing Coordinator
PayneWest Insurance

The Approach

PayneWest utilized Ontrack Workflow’s brand asset management software to provide all 800 end users individual access to department-specific materials in the form of “User Profiles”. Assets were then broken down by department (Personal-Home & Auto, Commercial/Business and employee benefits) and categorized per template style (flyers, brochures, sales decks, etc.) to prioritize brand consistency and increase accessibility.

The PayneWest Marketing team preferred to provide their own InDesign files directly or other Adobe formats so the team could quickly and easily perform uploads and updates. Their previous solution required converting all Adobe designs into PowerPoint, sending them to the vendor, and repeating those steps until a final design was reached and uploaded. Editing existing final versions followed this same structure, meaning every asset piece went through a time-consuming email and conversion cycle before ever seeing use.

The Ontrack Workflow team sourced solutions that would circumvent the back and forth, while implementing appropriate integrations internally. This process involved sending the InDesign file to Ontrack for programming adoption with the individual user profiles; while also allowing full access on the back end (administrator) to make all other necessary uploads and changes on the fly.


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The Impact

PayneWest has seen significant improvements in efficiency and productivity since the Ontrack Workflow adoption. They have streamlined turnaround time, converted roadblocks into interdepartmental collaboration, and increased agility when delivering custom content.

Beyond their initial needs, PayneWest has been successful in scaling, optimizing, and standardizing their operations. Using Ontrack, PayneWest also:

  • Accelerated asset transition time; moving assets from drafts to field-ready much faster.
  • Expanded unique asset library from 85 to 280.
  • Developed a strong, forward-thinking marketing strategy due to less administrative burden.
  • Standardized branding across all departments while increasing customization options.
  • Alleviated the “back and forth” of approval processes and change requests.

The partnership with Ontrack Workflow continues to grow; as does the tool, incorporating PayneWest’s insights and requests. Adaptability that enables innovative functionalities, specifically designed for their ever-changing needs, ensures that “something special” is always in reach.


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