How Capital Senior Living Slashed Marketing Customer Service Time and Empowered 100+ Sub-Brands Using Ontrack Workflow

The Need

Capital Senior Living operates over 100 communities nationwide from its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In 2019, the company hired a new CEO and brought in a new corporate marketing team to manage a rebrand.

When the new marketing team struggled to locate files and deliver each community’s requested assets, they sought a system that would:

  • Store, categorize, update, and archive templates for flyers, postcards, and other assets.
  • Connect with a printer that allowed customization and was easy to use.
  • Prove intuitive for sales managers, marketing managers, activity managers, and business managers.

The new marketing consultant considered an asset management solution used in a previous role but found its many features overwhelming based on Capital Senior Living’s needs. While researching product competitors, she discovered Ontrack.

The Challenge

Capital Senior Living often acquired its communities from real estate or investment groups, each with their own branding. Even after sales closed, many communities continued using their old branding and creating unapproved marketing materials. When it came to printed assets, each community had an account with a Dallas-based printer that incentivized bulk orders and allowed customization for only a few items.

With just four team members, corporate marketing couldn’t manage the assets each community wanted to customize and publish. There were no brand or legal guardrails applied, which put both the individual communities and Capital Senior Living at risk. The marketing team needed a single source for branding and marketing assets.

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“I just knew right away the product, the functionality, the user interface – it was going to be a great tool for what we needed and at the level that we needed it. They’re really one of the best vendors I’ve ever worked with. We tell our communities ordering through Ontrack is as simple as using Amazon. If you can search, add items to a cart, and check out, you’re all set.”

Meg Vomhof,
Marketing Consultant
Capital Senior Living

The Approach

Capital Senior Living’s corporate marketing department began onboarding a small group of users to Ontrack in November 2019, with all communities onboarded by the start of 2020. Since then, corporate marketing has provided ongoing support to users, sharing Ontrack pro tips in its weekly internal newsletter.

Each Capital Senior Living community has several Ontrack accounts. Users engage Ontrack differently based on their role:

  • Marketing managers use Ontrack to produce marketing campaigns; customized pieces; evergreen pieces, such as community trifolds and informational packets; and social media posts.
  • Sales managers use Ontrack to download the latest assets, including promotional flyers and brochures, to share with prospective residents and their families.
  • Activity managers use Ontrack to create customized assets for local events and activities.
  • Business managers use Ontrack to order community stationery, business cards, name badges, and recruiting resources.


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The Impact

Ontrack helped Capital Senior Living to not only streamline customized asset creation, but also manage communications during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When communities stopped conducting in-person tours, Ontrack made it easy to create social media posts sharing safety enhancements and protocols. Ontrack has also helped keep corporate staffing lean: Because communities can now customize their assets, including logos, the corporate marketing team no longer needs to keep a graphic designer on staff.

Another huge measure of success is communities’ wide adoption of the platform. Users nationwide enjoy peace of mind from Ontrack’s order and shipping confirmations, as well as great customer service. Through Ontrack’s customer service hotline, Capital Senior Living has reduced its lean corporate marketing team’s time spent on customer service for each community.

Upon adopting Ontrack, Capital Senior Living intended to use it mostly for printing assets, such as flyers and brochures, but the platform exceeded its expectations with its digital asset templating capabilities. As Capital Senior Living brings more communities into the fold, it looks forward to scaling with Ontrack and using even more features on the marketing asset management side of the platform.


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